Biodiversity has been under pressure for years, as a result of human activities. Every construction activity – from agriculture and water management to office buildings, wind turbines or industrial parks – impacts nature and biodiversity. This leads to the need to measure and monitor biodiversity. Further, legislation such as the EU Water Framework and Habitat Directives are demanding ecological assessments.

BioMon provides DNA-based techniques and methods that make it possible to readily and reliably identify species and measure biodiversity. Key advantages of DNA-based monitoring as compared to conventional techniques are: short response time, high efficiency (i.e. lower cost) and high accuracy. This also allows to draw conclusions about the functioning of ecosystems and the effects of f.i. human activities on biodiversity. Our work is supported by knowledge of biological systems, extensive lab infrastructure, analysis and data interpretation. BioMon covers applications in fresh and marine waters, soil and air.

Our services and products are:

  • Standard analyses: sampling – DNA extraction – sequencing – bioinformatics and interpretation.
  • Consultancy: in-depth analyses and indicators based on genetic monitoring.
  • Development and innovation: collaboration with our extensive network of scientific partners.
  • Reference for standardization and quality assurance. We are committed to a seal of approval for this new form of monitoring: our protocols and techniques are standardized and validated.

Innovation is the foundation for our services and products.


The BioMon team is a cooperation between Allied Waters, Naturalis (, BaseClear ( and KWR ( Together we represent an unmatched combination of key competences needed to operationalize DNA-based monitoring in practical applications.

Allied Waters, driving the circular economy. 

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Driving the circular economy
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