Rethinking the system

Considering all the existing and new challenges imposed on the treatment process of municipal wastewater, there are convincing arguments for rethinking the  system. A key element is concentration of  wastewater early in the process. What are the reasons for  concentrating wastewater first?

  • As a general rule in water technology, the more concentrated the liquid stream, the more efficient treatment processes are
  • The concentrate can be treated anaerobically, which converts organics into methane
  • Recovery of valuable compounds (e.g. nutrients) and energy from the concentrate are favoured
  • Trace organics (e.g. pharmaceuticals) are managed more efficiently
  • The emission of greenhouse gases (esp. N2O) is significantly reduced
  • And last but not least: the clean water flow can be reused in high-end applications

Forward Osmosis: mimicking mother nature

The principle of Forward Osmosis (FO) is a general part of natural biological systems. In our engineered FO process a semi-permeable membrane is placed between the pre-clarified wastewater and the ‘draw solution’ (typically a concentrated salt solution). The osmotic gradient between the two flows generates a water flow through the membrane, resulting in a concentrated feed stream and a diluted draw solution. Next, the diluted draw solution and clean water are recovered, and the concentrate stream is further treated.

Due to substantial flow and quality variations, municipal wastewater is a challenging application for FO technology. Presently we are up-scaling the process. Worldwide, full-scale FO plants are already in operation for treatment of specific industrial wastewaters at capacities >25 m3/h.

The CoRe Water Collab

The Allied Waters Collab CoRe Water includes BLUE-tec, Royal HaskoningDHV and KWR: an all Dutch Collab that combines a strong track record in innovation and FO expertise with design and operational expertise in wastewater practice. We are happy to join you evaluating the potential of the CoRe Water concept in any specific case. Allied Waters: driving the circular economy.

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Driving the circular economy
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