SALutions combines natural resources and technology in powerful and cost-efficient subsurface water solutions. Our innovations include efficient freshwater storage and recovery, mitigation of salinization of aquifers, enabling water reuse, water stewardship and improved storm water management. Our subsurface water solutions have a global potential and are being rapidly implemented in the Netherlands, by drinking water companies, greenhouse farmers, and cities. SALutions helps solving major water challenges in coastal areas and cities worldwide.

use of the SUBSurface for water supply…

SALutions capitalizes on 65 years of subsurface water storage and treatment experience that has successfully secured water supply in Dutch urban coastal regions, adding new features to make these concepts applicable in saline environments at various scales for industry, cities, drinking water supply and agriculture.

SALutions builds on recent developments in groundwater modeling, water-well design, configuration and management, allowing for maximum control over underground water resources. This increases the solution’s applicability in coastal areas where  groundwater management is a severe challenge because of the presence of saline and brackish groundwater.


The SALutions Collab leverages the combined strengths of Arcadis and KWR: the global presence and expertise of a world-leading Design & Consultancy organization and the innovative power of a top-level accelerator in water research and practice. We are dedicated to implementing subsurface water solutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We help you meeting your water supply needs, from feasibility study to design, operation, compliance and evaluation.


More information on the COASTAR website (in Dutch) >> 

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