Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS) enable advanced freshwater management through protecting, enlarging and sustainably utilizing fresh groundwater resources in coastal areas by fully exploiting the potential of water reuse, well technology and ICT. As a result, a robust and cost-effective water supply is attained, with a very limited spatial and environmental footprint. Examples of SWS concepts include:

  • The temporary storage of freshwater surpluses in saline groundwater and its subsequent unmixed recovery (the ASR-Coastal concept)
  • The prevention of water-well salinisation through the simultaneous abstraction of fresh and saline groundwater layers (the Freshkeeper® concept)
  • The creation of a freshwater lens with horizontal wells to meet freshwater demand during summers (the Freshmaker® concept)
  • The infiltration of urban stormwater into an aquifer and its subsequent recovery for urban water supply (the Urban Waterbuffer concept)

These concepts are applied in several reference projects for industry, agriculture, drinking water and cities. They are the SWS building blocks and can be combined and adjusted for various hydrological settings. This makes SWS adaptive to the local environment and capable of solving multiple water resource and supply issues in an integrative way. SWS are the motor of the COASTAR (COastal Aquifer STorage And Recovery) programme, which aims to develop an integrated master plan for water supply and water reuse in the Dutch delta.

The partners in the Allied Waters SALutions Collab are Arcadis and KWR. The SALutions team will help you apply SWS to meet your water supply needs, serving you from feasibility study to operation, compliance and evaluation.

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