A water-wise society lives with water healthily, sustainably and efficiently. A water-wise society coordinates the uses of the diverse available water sources, so as to maximise social, natural and economic welfare. In such a society, water is always fit-for-purpose: water for drinking, water for food, water for nature, water for industry, water for recreation, water for energy, and so on.

To support the development of a water-wise world, the KWR research agenda aims to:

  • Design integrated solutions to the complex, interrelated water challenges facing cities, by means of multi-disciplinary research (natural, engineering and social sciences) and links to other sectors;
  • Increase the value of the water cycle in a circular economy;
  • Develop and test new water-wise urban water concepts, as well as optimise the existing urban water cycle;
  • Understand how water wise solutions may be successfully adopted by society.

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Driving the circular economy
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