Our mission is to make the circular economy happen in dedicated Water – Energy – Food nexus areas. Jointly with our partners, we use and develop innovative concepts to generate supply-demand chains that are sustainable, demand-driven and economically healthy.


We believe in a circular economy that handles products, materials and resources efficiently and socially responsibly within ecological preconditions so that future generations also retain access to material prosperity.

Core values

  • ‘Make it happen’ attitude: We take all hurdles and keep an overview to achieve the goal and generate impact. We use our creativity to develop sustainable and economically viable concepts.
  • Market focus: We aim to organize market pull for sustainable solutions as a healthy mechanism to make the circular economy happen. Activities include anything between rethinking the system and selecting practical solutions.
  • Collaboration: Strong cooperation with our partners is the key to our integrated approach to complex issues. This is at the heart of our working model.
  • Societal entrepreneurship: Circular economy thinking is the basis of what we call ‘healthy business’. We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Continuous innovation: Developing new roads and creative solutions are part of our DNA. Any profit we make is reinvested in research and development to generate new innovative solutions.


Our team

Jos Boere
Ron Bol
Hay Koppers
Klaasjan Raat
Nicoline Scholman
Lotte Vijverberg
Ad van Wijk


KWH Water B.V. is 100 % shareholder of Allied Waters B.V.

Driving the circular economy
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