Clean mobility with Hysolar Greenpoint: climate – nature – health

Nature and our life expectancy are vitally important for our climate: reducing carbon emissions and emissions of particulate matter and bound nitrogen. The traffic and transport sector plays a prominent role here. Emission-free mobility is a necessity and it is coming ever closer. As in Nieuwegein.

An electrolyser was purchased recently for the Hysolar/Greenpoint’s operational hydrogen station. It will start operating in 2023 to produce green hydrogen with electricity from the adjacent solar farm. From that moment on, 100% emission-free refuelling will be possible in Nieuwegein.

The preparatory work will begin late this year for the installation of the 2.5 MW electrolyser. The electrolyser will be delivered in the spring of 2023, after which the green hydrogen can be produced and used for refuelling. It is possible to produce 300 tonnes of hydrogen annually, which is enough for 1500 passenger cars or 60 buses.

Artist’s impression of the Hysolar electrolyser

Artist’s impression of the Hysolar electrolyser

Climate, nature and life expectancy

The hard facts have got through to us now: emissions of harmful substances have to be drastically reduced to prevent further climate change and damage to our environment. Our life expectancy is demonstrably affected by the presence of large amounts of particulate matter in the air.

In the Netherlands, the traffic and transport sector accounts for an average of 36% of total emissions of particulate matter and 64% of emissions of nitrogen oxides. Emissions of harmful substances by the traffic and transport sector contribute to global temperature rise and climate change, cause health problems and harm nature.

Zero-emission policy

From the climate agreement to local initiatives: at all sorts of levels, zero emissions is now the goal. At the European level for no later than 2050, but as early as 2025 for a number of Dutch city centres, for example. So it is no longer a question of whether, but when, the emissions standard will be raised to zero everywhere (and possibly faster).

Many initiatives have now been launched to achieve these goals but the number of plans that have actually been implemented is still limited. For the Hysolar/Greenpoint station, the purchase of the electrolyser marks a crucial step, opening up the final phase towards emission-free refuelling in the foreseeable future.

About Hysolar

Innovator Allied Waters and Aannemingsbedrijf Jos Scholman started using their own hydrogen-powered company cars in 2019, followed by tractors and other heavy equipment. The partners who joined Hysolar in 2021 are a welcome addition: Van Kessel/Greenpoint, with its experience running petrol stations, and Scholt Energy, given its role as an energy supplier and balancing service provider for the deployment of the electrolyser, which is expected to go into operation in 2023. The entire chain from the production to the consumption of green hydrogen is now in good hands, safeguarding wide-ranging expertise: from practical application to scientific research. Innovation is the motto. We are also working closely with research institute KWR, Prof. Ad van Wijk and his team, and a range of specialists in our network.

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