CoRe technology pilot in Roermond now processes 2 m3 of wastewater per hour

In Roermond a CoRe pilot installation is now producing a stream of very clean water from 2 m3 of pre-screened WWTP influent. In this TKI project, Royal HaskoningDHV, BLUE-tec, the Limburg Water Authority Company (WBL), the Vallei and Veluwe, and the Rijn and IJssel Water Authorities, KWR and Allied Waters are jointly investigating whether CoRe – Concentrate, Recover & Re-use – can also make a valuable contribution in practice to the recovery of water, energy and raw materials from wastewater. A chat with Andries Vonken (WBL) and Frank Oesterholt (KWR).

First extract as much clean water as possible from the wastewater. Then extract as much value as possible from the concentrated waste stream in the form of raw materials or energy – and then reuse both the clean water and energy in useful applications. That is the objective of the CoRe approach: Concentrate, Recover & Re-use. Following small-scale testing during 2017-2020 at three Water Authorities, the technology – based on forward osmosis (water to the draw solution) and reverse osmosis (recover the water from the draw solution under pressure) – was further developed and scaled up to a pilot installation capable of processing 2 m3 of wastewater per hour. At the end of last year, within the framework of a TKI Water Technology project, the pilot installation was set up at the WBL site in Roermond.


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