New release: Green energy for all

The energy transition requires much more than building wind turbines and solar parks. The entire energy system needs to be restructured. The book ‘Green energy for all, how hydrogen and electricity carry our future’, published by Allied Waters, is a call for an integrated approach for supplying renewable energy, materials, water and food.

When should we call an energy system sustainable? For such a balanced assessment a set of goals applies: clean, affordable, reliable, circular, secure (energy supply and materials supply), safe and fair.

The creation of ‘Green energy for all’ was initiated by KWR, Hydrogen Europe, Hysolar and Dii Desert Energy. The book was presented at Delft University during the event which was dedicated to prof. Ad van Wijk reaching his emeritus stage, 27 October 2023. For further information, see Green energy for all is more than a pipe dream – KWR ( Hardcopies can be ordered through Green energy for all – Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk (

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