Open Market consultation Alu Circles initiative started

Allied Waters started the open market consultation on 2 September 2019 on the Alu Circles initiative.

The market consultation is intended to inform technology suppliers about the upcoming purchase of solutions for upcycling or recycling sludges containing aluminum flocculants from drinking water treatment, beyond the current state of technology. Different public contracting parties face the same common challenge and therefore want to buy one or more joint solutions.

The market consultation consists of an online questionnaire and a webinar. The online questionnaire and all relevant details can be found at All interested market parties are invited to complete this survey before September 30, 2019, 5:00 PM CEST.

For interested parties, a webinar was organized on 2 October during which the information in the market consultation document and the appendices were further explained. The webinar can be revisited through tuis link.


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