SALutions: connecting to the Urban Farming Partners Initiative

Urban Farming Partners is an initiative of Dutch experts in food, logistics and urban planning to setup urban farming concepts in megacities in Asia: from “horizontal” greenhouses to vertical farming and roof-top agriculture. In these cities the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables is growing rapidly while space to grow produce is limited. Urban farming connects to this trend with its short supply-lines from farm to consumer, guaranteeing fresh produce at all times.

SALutions  is to collaborate with Urban Farming Partners, strengthening the consortium with its know-how and expertise in supplying freshwater to greenhouses. Together with local partners, the consortium is well on its way  to establishing the first urban farming concepts in Singapore. Urban farms will play an important role in increasing Singapore’s food security and creating promising new markets, with benefits for investors, urban farmers and retailers.

Rain-water harvesting, water reuse and aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) to balance water demand and supply, innovations developed by Allied Water’s SALutions Collab, will be fundamental in tackling irrigation water supply challenges.

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