Upcycling residuals: Ecocalor and Allied Waters teaming up in Germany

How to give a second life to residuals resulting from water treatment processes? The German company Ecocalor and Allied Waters have agreed to start a cooperation on upcycling this type of residuals in Germany.

Recovery and (re)use of residuals generated in the urban watercycle are the focal points of the Allied Waters UPcycles Collab. Typical residuals of drinking water treatment processes are iron, lime and aluminium based sludges as well as lime pellets. The recovered compounds are made available to the market for applications in various economic sectors. Key words are sustainability and economic viability, embedded in a proper legal context. The business model includes raising a research fund to stimulate pioneering research and innovation. The Collab combines the expertise of business partners, research and innovation.

“Upcycling is a marvelous example showing how a circular economy can work in practice”, Bernd Franken comments, Director of Ecocalor. “I’m excited about this cooperation, and already encounter a very positive response from German water suppliers. The concept of continuous innovation will definitely help to develop further opportunities in the market.”

About Ecocalor

Ecocalor GmbH, based in Erkelenz (Germany), is a specialist having over 15 years of experience in upcycling of a range of materials including wood pellets, plastics and rubber. See www.ecocalor-gmbh.de.

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