Upcycling residuals in the French water sector: Three key players teaming up

Giving a second life to residuals resulting from water treatment processes in France, and make the circular economy happen. That’s why the French company Seitiss, a subsidiary of Strane Innovation, has started a cooperation with the Dutch AquaMinerals and Allied Waters.

Drinking water plants are designed to produce high quality water. On top of this, residuals (or byproducts) may arise. Typical residuals of drinking water treatment processes are iron, lime and aluminium based sludges as well as lime pellets. Rather than being disposed these materials have the potential for beneficial use in specific (industrial) applications. This is what we call ‘upcycling’. Key requirement for successful upcycling is a proper supply chain management, including quality assurance, ensuring redundancy for both the supply and the offtake side, arranging permits and logistic planning.

This way, sustainability and economic viability are going hand in hand. “We are very glad to add the water business and new material synergies to our portfolio. Right now we already encounter a quite positive response in the French market. This cooperation is a path to significantly improve the sustainability of the water sector in France”, Jean-Baptiste Quintana, director of Seitiss comments. Ronny Theune, CCO at AquaMinerals adds “Internationally sharing experiences, that’s a true win-win situation, and that’s how we look forward to this cooperation.”

The initiators have agreed that a part of the revenues will be allocated to a fund to stimulate pioneering research and innovation. “The concept of continuous innovation will definitely help to develop further opportunities in the market”, Hay Koppers, expert upcycling at Allied Waters.

About the team

Seitiss SA (www.seitiss.com), part of Strane Innovation SAS (www.strane-innovation.com) and based in Paris (France), is specialist in upcycling materials from industrial residuals. AquaMinerals (The Netherlands, www.aquaminerals.com) stands for over 25 years of experience in upcycling residuals from the water sector. Allied Waters (The Netherlands, www.alliedwaters.com) is an innovator working under the motto ‘driving the circular economy’.


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Driving the circular economy
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