Jos Boere, Director
Jos Boere (1959) is the Director of Allied Waters B.V. as of spring 2017. Jos is also Deputy Director of KWR, where, until April 2017, he headed the Water Systems and Technology group. This group encompasses the activities of 75 specialists in 5 research teams, including hydrological engineering, water transport, water treatment and resource recovery. An underlying theme of his work over the years has been ‘bridging science to practice’ with regard to environmental issues, energy and technology/engineering. Previously, Jos Boere was business manager and head of R&D at Norit, a multinational company in the field of activated carbon technology. Jos holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology from Wageningen University (1984), and also has extensive professional experience in product, business and financial management.


The Allied Waters Foundation holds a 40 % share in Allied Waters B.V. Sustainability objectives constitute an integral part of the foundation’s statutes. The board members represent four societal segments: the public sector, the business world, knowledge institutions and institutional investors. The current board members are:

Michiel van Haersma Buma (chair)
Michiel van Haersma Buma (1951) worked at Utrecht University from 1976 to 1986. Between 1986 and 1996 he was mayor of the town of Markelo, and in 1996 became mayor of Voorburg. Following the merger of Voorburg with Leidschendam, he became mayor of Leidschendam-Voorburg. On 1 April 2007, by Royal Decree, Michiel van Haersma Buma was appointed Dike Reeve of the Delfland Water Authority. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Lucas Onderwijsgroep, chair of the Financial Relations Council, member of the Council for Public Administration, chair of Delft Blue Technology, chair of the Waterbuffer Foundation and chair of TAHMO.

Idsart Dijkstra (secretary and treasurer)
Idsart Dijkstra (1967) is head of the Water Systems and Technology group at KWR Watercycle Research Institute and member of the Management Team. This research group encompasses the activities of 75 specialists in five research teams, including hydrological engineering, water distribution, water treatment and resource recovery. He has developed 23 years of experience in the field of water supply and sanitation, of which 3 years abroad.  For a major part of his professional career he worked at the Dutch drinking Water Company Vitens, including a 3 years assignment at Vitens-Evides International in the position of Project Director. He holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering (1992) with a specialization in Sanitary Engineering from Delft University of Technology and a MBA (2008) from Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University). Idsart Dijkstra started working at KWR in 2012 in the position of head of the Knowledge Management group, he created this research group and developed the international knowledge management model Watershare, with focus on new partnerships. In 2013 he became head of the Water Quality and Health group, with the objective to professionalize, integrate the WHO Collaborating Center and boost the international activities for public entities. Recently (beginning of 2017) he moved to the Water Systems and Technology group also in de position of manager, with focus on business development for the private industry within the Netherlands and abroad.

Piet Klop
Piet Klop leads PGGM’s company and market engagement efforts in the field of water scarcity. He is also working on ESG integration in listed equity and in strategic asset allocation, and on the development of PGGM’s ‘investing in solutions’ portfolios. Before joining PGGM Investments in July 2011, Piet Klop held senior positions at the World Resources Institute in Washington DC, at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the private sector. He also worked as a water resources expert at the World Bank and United Nations. Piet Klop holds Master’s degrees in Water Resources Management (Wageningen University, 1989) and Applied Environmental Economics (University of London, 1999), as well as certificates on Valuation and Integrated Risk Management (New York University, 2010) and Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (Harvard Business School, 2010).

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