How to enable energy supply in an overall sustainable, affordable and accessible manner? How to achieve zero emissions and avoid depletion of resources. Big questions calling for sound and innovative concepts. Balancing supply and demand of sustainable energy in time and space is one of the key factors. Energy Lab Groningenhaven provides the expertise: from concept to action, always focusing on a hands on approach.

Building the hydrogen economy

A sustainable energy system must be clean, reliable, safe, affordable and efficient in materials use. Key sources of sustainable energy include sun, wind, hydropower, biomass and thermal sources. In most cases a considerable gap exists in time and space between source and use. This is illustrated by the potential solar energy generation versus energy consumption around the globe (green = surplus, red = shortage, white = in balance).

Green electricity and green hydrogen

In our vision electricity and hydrogen are both energy carriers which are key players in a smart energy system. They pave the road towards zero-emission mobility. Vehicles can be powered by electromotors, for which onboard batteries and hydrogen fuel cells provide electricity. For light traffic and/or short distances, batteries provide a proper solution. For large vehicles, long-distance transport, and for heavy-duty machinery hydrogen fuel cells are the way forward, in which case electricity is generated using hydrogen as fuel. In addition to transport, green hydrogen can be applied in a wide range of applications, including chemical synthesis (e.g., polymers, fertilizers), metal processing and heating in industrial high temperature processes.

Renewable hydrogen is mainly produced by electrolysis of water. Hysolar (Project Nieuwegein ( is one of the frontrunners in The Netherlands while establishing a full green hydrogen chain: from production of green hydrogen to supply and use in mobility.

During the production process also heat and oxygen are generated, further sources for a beneficial application. E.g. the oxygen can be used in biological wastewater treatment and the heat can be recovered and used in industrial processes.


Over the years we have built up an impressive reference base in a number of key areas:

  1. Clean and integrated energy systems
  2. The water sector
  3. Zero-emission mobility
  4. Coping with grid congestion

Our team and services

Energy Lab Groningenhaven is a strong team. We are ready to help with questions pertaining to ‘what can hydrogen mean for my organization’, feasibility studies, technical design, technology selection, building the business case, operation and more. As and when needed we build on the expertise and strong references of our partners:

You are welcome to contact one of our specialists in green hydrogen.


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